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GOODLY GROUP is committed to conducting its business in a responsible and ethical manner. We recognize the importance of ensuring the transparency of our supply chain operations, particularly when it comes to labor practices and environmental impact. This Transparency in Supply Chains Statement (the "Statement") is made in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in China and sets forth the steps we have taken to identify, assess, and address potential risks in our supply chain

1. Supply Chain Risk Assessment GOODLY GROUP regularly evaluates its supply chain to identify potential risks related to labor practices and environmental impacts. We consider various factors, including geographical location, supplier size, and the nature of the products and services provided, when assessing potential risks

2. Supplier Code of Conduct We have established a Supplier Code of Conduct (the "Code"), which sets forth the standards and expectations we have for our suppliers, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations, respect for human rights, and adherence to ethical labor practices. We require all our suppliers to adhere to the Code as a condition of doing business with us

3. Supplier Audits and Compliance GOODLY GROUP conducts regular audits of our suppliers to ensure compliance with our Code and applicable laws and regulations. These audits are conducted by our internal team or by independent third-party auditors. We work closely with our suppliers to address any issues identified during audits and to implement corrective action plans

4. Training and Capacity Building We provide training and support to our employees and suppliers to ensure they understand the importance of transparency in supply chains and are equipped to identify potential risks. We also participate in industry initiatives and collaborate with other organizations to share best practices and promote supply chain transparency

5. Reporting and Accountability GOODLY GROUP is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and suppliers, regarding our efforts to ensure supply chain transparency. We encourage our employees and suppliers to report any concerns or potential violations of our Code or applicable laws and regulations. We have established mechanisms, including anonymous reporting channels, to facilitate reporting and protect those who report concerns

6. Continuous Improvement We are committed to continuously improving our supply chain transparency efforts and to regularly reviewing and updating our processes and policies. 
We will continue to engage with our stakeholders, monitor industry developments, and learn from best practices in order to enhance our supply chain transparency and address evolving risks.

This Statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of GOODLY GROUP and will be reviewed and updated annually or as necessary.

By working together with our suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders, GOODLY GROUP aims to contribute to the development of more transparent, responsible, and sustainable supply chains
For any questions or concerns regarding this Statement or our supply chain transparency efforts, please contact us at .



GOODLY GROUP and its subsidiaries participating in the C-TPAT program along with its executives, management, and other policymakers are committed, as C-TPAT participants, to implement, follow and maintain procedures as outlined in the new Minimum-Security Criteria (MSC) requirements of 2020 of the C-TPAT program.

SEDEX Audited

SEDEX Audited: Assure customers of ethical working conditions with a third-party verified audit. Benefit from improved trust and transparency.

BSCI audited

BSCI audits ensure supply chain compliance & improved working conditions, giving customers quality assurance & peace of mind.

Company Investors
Goodly Group LTD is a leading conglomerate, committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and high-quality products to our clients across the globe. Our success is a result of the strong foundation built on the support and trust of our esteemed investors. The group consists of four branch companies: Grand Champ Lighting, WoodWhisper Artisans, Goodly-Light, and IlluminAura Creations, each contributing to the overall growth and excellence of the Goodly Group LTD brand.
Our investor base comprises four company investors and eight individual investors, each playing a crucial role in shaping our organization's future.

a. Grand Champ Lighting: Specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced lighting solutions, Grand Champ Lighting is a key contributor to the group's success and global expansion.
b. WoodWhisper Artisans: A renowned name in the field of wooden craftsmanship, WoodWhisper Artisans lends its expertise and brand value to the Goodly Group LTD, enhancing its product portfolio and market reach.
c. Goodly-Light: Committed to creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, Goodly-Light supports the group's mission of delivering sustainable and innovative products to its clients.
d. IlluminAura Creations: With a focus on cutting-edge electronic products and accessories, IlluminAura Creations adds a unique dimension to the Goodly Group LTD's diverse offerings.
Individual Investors
Goodly Group LTD is also backed by eight individual investors who bring their wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to the organization. Their strategic insights and industry expertise have significantly contributed to the group's growth and expansion into new markets.

As a forward-thinking conglomerate, Goodly Group LTD values the strong relationships we have formed with our esteemed investors. We recognize their crucial role in our ongoing success, and we are committed to maintaining transparent communication and regular updates on our progress, thereby fostering a strong sense of partnership and trust.

Our dedicated investor relations team is responsible for addressing any queries or concerns that our investors might have. We strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and responsiveness to ensure a seamless and productive relationship with our investors.

For more information about Goodly Group LTD, our products, and our commitment to a sustainable future, please visit our website at If you are an investor and have any
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